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Decision Making Organs


General Assembly - It is a supreme organ; comprising representatives from all the member organizations of PINGO's Forum.

Board of Directors - It is a custodian of the general assembly in the affairs of the organisation, bestowed with supervision and evaluation of the work of the Management Team in order to monitor the implementation of the General Assembly policies.

Management Team - Comprises all heads of the Organization's departments including the Executive Director, Directr of Programs, Information and Research Officer, Accountant and Gender Officer. This is the PINGO's Forum team of Professionals responsible for the daily implementation and functioning within their respective areas of jurisdiction. It implements policies and decisions of General Assemblies and Board.





Mr. Hayte Samo                   Chairperson

Mr. Timoth Yaile                  Deputy Chair

Ms. Judith Meingarana         Member

Mr. Philip Kaneyi                  Member

Ms. Pili Gudo                       Member

Mr. Adam Ole Mwarabu        Member

Mr. Mabagda Gesura            Member

Mr. Michael Wamalwa           Member

Mr. Makeresia Pawa             Member

Ms. Paulina Bayanga            Member




Edward T. Porokwa.

Executive Director

Edward joined PINGO's Forum in 2002

Education Background:

MBA Maastrich, LLB Dar es salaam

Peter R. Urio

Finance Manager

Peter joined PINGO's Forum in 2003

Education Background:

MBA Maastrich, CPA (T) Adv Dip (Mzumbe)

Isaya Naini Ole Saibulu                                                                              

Director of Programme

Isaya  joined PINGO's Forum in 2011

Education Background:

Post Graduate Diploma in Development Studies,

Bachelor of Art in Economics

Navaya Ole Ndaskoi

Information & Communication Manager

Navaya  joined PINGO's Forum in 2011

Education Background:

Bachelor of Arts

Emanuel Saringe

Human Rights & Good Governance Manager  

Emanuel  joined PINGO's Forum in 2007

Education Background:

Bachelor Degree of Laws (LLB - Tumaini University, Iringa

Post Graduate Diploma. - Diploma in Laws, Law school of Tanzania

Nailejileji Tipap

Gender & Public Relations Officer

Nailejileji joined PINGO's Forum in 2016

Education Background:

BA With Political Science & Administration

Gideon Ole Sanago

Climate Change National Co-ordinator

Gideon joined PINGO's in 2015

Education Background

Adv. Diploma Media & Public Relations

Royal School of Journalism

Elie Chansa

Information & Communication Assistant

Elie joined PINGO's Forum in 2012

Education Background:

BA Mass Communication




Glory Mollel


Glory Joined PINGO's Forum in 2002

Education Background:

Dip Accountancy, Certificate Accountancy, Certificate Secretarial, Certificate Secondary edu.

Neema J. Mlay

Program Secretary

Neema Joined PINGO's Forum in 2004

Education Background

Certificate Secretarial, Certificate design, Certificate Secondary Edu.

Fortunata Massawe

Office Care taker

Fortunata joined PINGO's in 2002

Education Background:

Certificate in English language, Certificate in Primary edu.

Lawrence Thomas


Lawrence joined PINGO's Forum in 2007

Education Background:

Certificate Driving, Certificate Secondary Education.

Majuka Ngisaayo


Majuka joined PINGO's Forum in 2011

Education Background:

Certificate Driving, Certificate of Primary Education

Kesuma Ole Shongon


Kesuma joined PINGO's Forum in 2003


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